Honeybee puts the power of blockchain and AI into the hands of sales reps

Stellenbosch, South Africa - 1st April 2018

Honeybee mobile sales app to include blockchain technology and AI in next release to build more trust between sales reps and managers and automate customer relationship management.

Stellenbosch based sales enablement technology company, Honeybee, today announced two key innovations it will be rolling out in their next product release: blockchain technology to verify the validity of sales forecasts and AI to automate the relationship between sales reps and their customers.

Sam Clarke, CEO of Honeybee says, “Blockchain is the technology of trust which is why the first industry to be disrupted was financial services. But if you consider that selling and customer relationships are also based on trust, it makes sense that the next logical industry to integrate blockchain into its processes will be CRM and sales enablement.”

“Sales is a numbers game and it would be better for reps, managers and business owners if the numbers didn’t change. With blockchain, the promise of immutable, indisputable and incorruptible sales forecasts will no longer be the stuff of dreams and science fiction,” continues Clarke.

Honeybee’s innovation doesn’t stop at blockchain. “We will also be bringing in algorithmic machine learning driven through our AI, named Colin ™. Colin™ will help sales reps sell more, more often by trawling their clients social media feeds to ascertain when they will be most open to buying, what they want to buy and what’s the most they will be willing to spend.”

Colin ™ will send Whatsapp, Facebook, Telegram and SnapChat messages to customers on birthdays, bad hair days and at any time when the South African community comes together, such as when the Australian cricket team looks like total palookas. The aim is to automate the relationship between customer and sales rep so that it can be handled completely remotely.

“It's pretty nifty,” says Clarke. “Eventually you won't need any people at all. In Honeybee’s vision of the future, the whole world will be buying from an entity called Colin ™.  It's entirely conceivable that in the future, sales will consist entirely of conversations between Colin™ and Colin™.” 

When asked why the AI would be called Colin, Clarke said that it was “because Colin was a dependable kind of name. One you can trust, who probably didn’t swear and was kind to small animals. It was certainly not the name of a person who would say, seduce your wife, steal your money or key your car. If I had a pet unicorn I would call it Colin ™,” concludes Clarke. 

Honeybee has big plans to scale the business into a global leader in innovative sales apps and is currently looking for ‘smart money’. If you have some spare cash and are keen to invest in the "next big thing" so you can brag to your friends at the next braai about how savvy you are with your investments, please leave us a comment below!